The National Urban League Emerging Leaders Program is a competitive development opportunity.  The program provides a unique chance to develop analytical and critical leadership skills in the non-profit sector.  In order to ensure that we are developing exceptional leaders with strong interest in the work that we do at the Urban league, highly qualified candidates will be chosen to participate in this program

Participants in the program will attend (4) face-to-face Emerging Leaders Program sessions over a multi-month period.  These sessions will expose participants to the competencies in the League’s Leadership Model and link classroom learning with real-time activities.

Our plan is to identify professional individuals who clearly demonstrate leadership potential.  Ideally, those interested in applying to become program participants should have:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s Degree Preferred) in Business Administration; Social Work; Public Administration; or an appropriate discipline
  • 7-10 years of work experience
  • At least five years of non-profit or for-profit management experience
  • A proven track record of leadership and management in a community-based organization/community action agency
  • An interest in the non-profit/community leadership
  • Aspirations to fill executive positions or key volunteer leadership roles

Demonstrated success in several of the following areas:

  • Development and implementation of social services programs
  • Program evaluation
  • Advocacy
  • Policy development
  • Fund raising with public and private sectors
  • Public and community education
  • Fiscal management
  • Strategic planning
  • Board and volunteer relations
  • Community mobilization, collaboration or leadership
  • Human capital management

In addition, it would be to your advantage to possess excellent organizational and communication skills, grant/proposal writing experience, and government/community relations experience.

Completely answer required questions.

  • Write an essay (no more than 2 page double-spaced and in a 12pt. font in a PDF format) that address your perspective on the quote below, and then describe your personal development path and how it relates to becoming a senior executive or volunteer leader in the UL Movement.  ” It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared” – Whitney M. Young Jr.
  • Video Submission
    • Your video should not exceed a maximum of three minutes. If your video is more than 5G, please upload a link to the video.
    • Your video/link should be submitted to recruitment1@nul.org 
    • Formal editing is not allowed.  You may create your video via cell phone, computer or tablet.  Regardless of the mode you choose, your video must be presented in a landscape format.
    • When answering the questions, please physically appear in the video and do not include any group images in your video.
    • The following video formats will be accepted: WMV, MOV, MP4, FLV, MPEG, MPG
    • All 4 questions below must be answered within your video submission.  (We suggest practicing your answers before recording).
      • Question 1: Why do you want to be part of the Emerging Leaders Program and what do you hope to get out of participating in the program?
      • Question 2: Describe your present duties, responsibilities and future aspiration in the non-profit sector or at the Urban League.
      • Question 3: tell us something about the Urban league that you would like to contribute to or be a part of, and why?
      • Question 4: In what ways do you believe that this program can be most useful for you
  • Two Letters of recommendation
    • Make certain both your letters of recommendations are from individuals who can speak to your specific accomplishments and experiences. They should have knowledge of how your leadership abilities relate to the non-profits sector.   One letter should be from an UL CEO (preferred), an UL Senior Affiliate or Emerging Leader Alum
    • Your letters must both be in PDF format and submitted online
  • Resume – in PDF format
  • Signature – You will have to electronically sign the application to ensure authenticity.

To Apply: Submit the following by clicking the link:


Deadline to apply: September 6, 2019

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