North Carolina to Close Restaurants and Bars for Dine-In Customers, Allow Takeout and Delivery Operations to Continue

North Carolina to Close Restaurants and Bars for Dine-In Customers, Allow Takeout and Delivery Operations to Continue

Forthcoming executive order will also expand unemployment insurance benefits for workers affected by COVID-19


Mar 17, 2020

Governor Roy Cooper and members of the Coronavirus Task Force are holding a media briefing today at 2 pm. At that briefing, Governor Cooper will announce a new executive order in response to COVID-19 that closes restaurants and bars for dine-in customers but allows them to continue takeout and delivery orders. The executive order will also include an expansion of unemployment insurance to help North Carolina workers affected by COVID-19.

The order is expected to be effective by 5 pm today, Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

More information about the order and other updates on North Carolina’s response to COVID-19 will be available at today’s media briefing. The briefing is at 2 pm at Joint Force Headquarters, 1636 Gold Star Dr, Raleigh, NC 27607. View live stream here: https://www.ncdps.gov/storm-update



Teresa Candori
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Marc Morial, Melanie Campbell, Derrick Johnson & Rev. Al Sharpton Question Availability of Testing and Care, Disruptions to Education and Employment

NEW YORK (March 16, 2020) – The nation’s leading civil rights organizations have requested an urgent meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer regarding racial equity in the coronavirus response proposal.

Marc H. Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League; Melanie Campbell, President and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and Convener of the Black Women’s Roundtable; NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson and Rev. Al Sharpton, Founder and President of the National Action Network, insisted that coronavirus response legislation must take racial equity into account.

“As we often say, when white America catches a cold, Black America gets pneumonia, and never has that metaphor been more apt,” Morial said. “Urban communities of color are likely to suffer the brunt of the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis and any legislative response must contain targeted relief.”

“We’re concerned about the impact it will have on children who are out of school and don’t have the broadband internet access they need for digital learning at home,” Campbell said, “And comprehensive paid family leave for all is needed now more than ever.”

“Low-income workers, who are disproportionately African-American, are the least likely to have paid sick leave,” Johnson said. “Black workers are more likely to face short-term layoffs or total loss of employment. How is the country going to address their plight?”

Sharpton noted that urban neighborhoods and communities of color often lack access to quality health care facilities.

“What efforts will be made to make testing freely available in urban and poor communities?” Sharpton asked. “We need to make sure that the relief offered in any coronavirus response plan does not bypass the communities most in need.”

The leaders said discussions would include the possibility of making some provisions of the response plan permanent.

COVID-19 and your business

COVID-19 and your business

Establish a remote work option

With plenty of people already working remotely, there are a lot of free tools business owners can utilize so that teams can stay in touch and keep working even if they aren’t in the same place.

Implement a remote work policy that covers when you expect your team to be online or available, how to communicate (via email, Slack, or video call, for instance), and what deliverables each team member is responsible for completing.

[Read more: 4 Ways Your Business Can Support Remote Workers]

Reduce meetings and travel

Try to keep opportunities for exposure to the virus to a minimum. Postpone any team meetings or hold them virtually. Skip any conferences or other planned business travel. If your workers get sick because of travel or meetings, you could have a liability issue on your hands, or you will have to manage low morale and sick leave requests.

Give employees flexibility

Schools across the country are closing, as are offices, stores, businesses and commercial centers. With the country slowly moving toward total lockdown, you will need to be flexible with your employees’ time. Some team members may have to leave unexpectedly if their child’s daycare closes. Others may have students who come home from school for spring break and aren’t able to return. Try to be as understanding as possible when something comes up and have a contingency plan in case you suddenly become short-staffed.

Communicate transparently with your customers

Everyone is facing this crisis together, so be transparent about what your business is going through. Customers can empathize with brands facing a crisis, as long as you communicate with them properly.

As Harvard Business Review reports, “When customers are separated from the work that’s being done behind the scenes to serve them, they appreciate the service less and then they value the service less.” Describe the steps you’re taking to mitigate risk and give them insight into the steps you’re taking to help the community.

Be obsessive about hygiene

Stop the spread of the virus by following these health and safety tips from the CDC:

  • No handshakes: Use a non-contact method for greetings.
  • Wash your hands: Employees should wash their hands when they arrive and every time they enter the premises, as well as frequently throughout the day.
  • Try not to touch your face, and remind employees to do the same
  • Constantly and regularly disinfect surfaces, including doorknobs, handrails, the POS system, tables and desks.

Keep your employees and your customers safe by being as proactive as possible about cleanliness.

Shift your sales strategy to online

Chinese companies, forced to confront the reality of coronavirus shutdowns before most American companies, provide a blueprint for weathering this storm. As storefronts shuttered their doors and workers stayed in place, savvy business owners shifted their sales strategy to avoid heavy losses.

For instance, in Wuhan, the cosmetics company Lin Qingxuan closed 40% of its stores — but the brand’s 100+ beauty advisors took to digital platforms like WeChat to engage customers virtually and increase online sales. “As a result, its sales in Wuhan achieved 200% growth compared to the prior year’s sales,” writes Harvard Business Review.

If you’re closing your store, find ways to keep your employees earning a paycheck by selling on social media, putting your email list to good use or using a video tool to reach new leads.

Consider business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance may be an option for you if you have significant business losses as a result of shutting down from the pandemic. “Ask your insurance broker about business interruption insurance to cover unexpected major events and see what qualifies for coverage. It may not cover this emergency, but you’ll be better prepared for the next time your business suffers similar economic losses,” reports USA Today.

[Read more: Guide to SMB Insurance]

Plan for the long term

Though China and other economies are already starting to recover, the spread of the coronavirus is still extending throughout the world, creating a ripple effect that will impact us for some time.

As reported in SmallBizTrends, “27% of businesses expect the coronavirus to have a moderate to high impact on their revenue. Another 30% expect the virus to have a moderate to high impact on their supply chain.”

Speak to your suppliers, investors, partners and local officials on a daily basis to learn how you can start to implement safeguards that will help you stay above the red while officials work to contain COVID-19. It might be a while until your small business gets back to business as usual.

The coronavirus response toolkit

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce put together this toolkit to help businesses and citizens alike understand how to navigate the coronavirus. There are guidelines on how small business owners can ensure they are keeping their customers and employees safe.

The toolkit also includes a business preparedness checklist. This checklist can help you figure out what to prioritize and to create a plan of communication for your employees.

Disaster assistance loans from the SBA

The SBA announced it would offer disaster assistance loans for up to $2 million for small businesses affected by the coronavirus. These low-interest loans are available to businesses that have sustained “substantial economic injury” due to the spread of the coronavirus.

These loans can be used to pay off outstanding debts, payroll and any other bills they are unable to pay. However, small businesses that have access to credit are not eligible. Small businesses with no available credit qualify for an interest rate of 3.75%, and nonprofits will have an interest rate of 2.75%.

The SBA’s Office of Disaster Assistance will coordinate with state governors that submit relief requests. Once a state or territory is approved, these affected businesses will receive more information.

Assistance from banks and credit card companies

Capital One, Citi and Wells Fargo have all issued statements indicating that they are willing to work with customers that experience financial difficulties. Citi issued a statement that for 30 days, small business customers are eligible to have their monthly service fees waived.

Citi is also waiving the fees on early CD withdrawals. Wells Fargo donated $6.25 million in aid to help the public relief effort. The bank also encouraged customers that are experiencing financial hardship to contact customer service for assistance. 

Reposted from the Chamber of Commerce:



Job Board – March 2020

Job Board – March 2020


$12.76/Annual rate $26,540.80 Daily Duties Of the PepsiCo Customer Care Advocate: Interact empathetically with customers and field personnel in a call center environment via phone in respo….
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/N65779695R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: 5000579883106
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Outside Sales Representative

ADT Security  –  Winston-Salem, NC

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Reliable Transportation is Required * Ability to work flexible hours that accommodate our customers’ needs * Strong background in high level cold calling ADT, LLC is a leading provider of secu….
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18324235R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: ziprecruiterpaid0independentsalesfbf3e610fbf3e610-15757f06
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Outside Sales Representative

ADT Security  –  Winston-Salem, NC

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Account and time management – manage a full customer pipeline * Customer obsession and collaboration – help us build customers for life Must-haves: * High school diploma or equivalent * Valid ….
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18321422R74661?src=email
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Turret Truck Driver (3pm-11pm)


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Accounting / Finance Administrative / Clerical Aerospace Biotech Call Center / Customer Service Consumer Goods Executive Management Human Resources Insurance Information Technology Legal Light…
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Under the Personal Care Services (PCS) program, services are provided to NC Medicaid Beneficiaries…Ability to interact with healthcare professionals, patients, their families and other supports
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18333497R74661?src=email
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Warehouse Associate

BelFlex Staffing Network  –  High Point, NC

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Shipping and Receiving * Assembly * Machine Operation * Packing * Heavy Lifting * Sanding, Grinding…BelFlex provides staffing and flexible workforce solutions to distribution and manufacturing…
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Warehouse Associate

BelFlex Staffing Network  –  High Point, NC

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BelFlex provides staffing and flexible workforce solutions to distribution and manufacturing companies in the Midwest and Southeast that value its deep industry knowledge, recruiting expertise…
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We need everyone from entry-level through management levels NOW! People need us to get them money, you have complete control where and when you work. Steady growth in good times and we are in ….
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Job Title: Admin Assistant Location: Winston Salem, NC Duration: 4+ Months Contract/Can be extended Shift : Monday through Friday. Three possible shift 8-5, 9-6, 10-7 Description: Use issue…
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Engage with customer to understand accounting, purchasing, and delivery processes and procedures * Perform as primary owner of root cause resolution for customer exceptions * Always ensure acc….
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Janitorial Supervisor

Environmental Service Systems  –  Mocksville, NC

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…facility they can be proud of.
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18319908R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: ziprecruiter_backfill-f8a066bb
Posted 3 days ago
Our company is seeking a manager to further elevate our service levels, seek new recruiting…food, beverage, supply, utility and labor costs, in addition to operating the business in…
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18324943R74661?src=email
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Multiple Positions

Herbalife  –  Winston Salem, NC

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Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has grown from an entrepreneurial start-up to a multi-billion dollar manufacturer and seller of foods and nutritional supplements, with a primary g….
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18332429R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: recruitology_performance_cpce82840f1-9TQEBZmYHIUI7w06SoPqFLdD6aK1FL
Posted 1 day ago
Banking or financial industries * 5-7 years’ experience in technology project management Essential Functions and Responsibilities: * In collaboration with Product Management and Operations man….
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18320636R74661?src=email
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Project Manager, Construction

KCA Recruiting  –  Winston-Salem, NC

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The successful candidate will be someone who is not only strong in terms of construction management, but knows the area, the third party vendors, the local maintenance people etc, and also knows…
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18325376R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: ziprecruiter_backfill-c42e65f5
Posted 3 days ago
On-site Healthcare Clinic (Winston-Salem and Cleveland offices) * On-site Fitness Center (Cleveland and Dallas offices) * Subsidized parking (Cleveland office) National General Holdings Corp. ….
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18339332R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: ziprecruiter_backfill-86f0b667
Posted today

Project Manager/Controller

QuEST Global  –  Winston-Salem, NC

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Efforts will include work scope management, addressing RFQ’s, customer interface and action item closure and schedule adherence. Risk identification and mitigation. Utilize Standard Work Tool…
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18320264R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: ziprecruiter_backfill-80589eeb
Posted 3 days ago
WORK IN CHURCHES!! BASE PLUS COMMISSION! Enhance your personal ministry by promoting our church directory program. Remember Church Directories has immediate openings in your area for SALES…
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18320414R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: ziprecruiter_backfill-8d4f5c0b
Posted 3 days ago

Maintenance Mechanic 3rd Shift

Staffing Logistics  –  Winston-Salem, NC

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Adhere with company attendance requirement Other duties may be assigned. This job description is intended to provide general information about the position. It is not an employment contract, the…
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18339236R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: ziprecruiter_backfill-e5a6ae6d
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Event Coordinator

Summerfield Farms  –  Summerfield, NC

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Duties to include the following: o Serves as an on-site representative on event day o Serves as a liaison between client, vendors and the on-site operations team o Fields all facility-based qu….
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18326038R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: ziprecruiter_backfill-65242ea8
Posted 3 days ago
ATTENTION CONSULTANTS, SALES PROFESSIONALS, BUSINESS LEADERS, and ENTREPRENEURS! Are you earning what you are worth and if so, do you have time to enjoy it? Have you reached your full potentia….
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Posted 1 day ago

Patient Services Representative #40437

Wake Forest Baptist Health  –  Winston Salem, NC

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Education/Experience High School Diploma or GED required, plus three years of healthcare or customer service experience. Patient access (scheduling, registration, and financial clearance), ins….
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18332350R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: recruitology_performance_cpce82840f1-VQtMYM3fHSJXJMk5pTe7deCFfDL5YN
Posted 1 day ago

Loan Administration Manager 2

Wells Fargo Bank  –  Walnut Cove, NC

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May oversee quality control process and assists with managing budget. Up to 5% travel possible. As a Team Member Manager , you are expected to achieve success by leading yourself, your team, a….
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18326885R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: tmp_sf_wellsfargo_perengo_cpcf4fc5b73f4fc5b73-5538090
Posted 3 days ago
Create educational strategy to identify, assess, define and determine learning and developmental needs * Develop and deliver educational training programs for team members * Provide follow-up…
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18323702R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: tmp_sf_wellsfargo_perengo_cpcf4fc5b73f4fc5b73-5537899
Posted 3 days ago

Credit Analyst 1

Wells Fargo Bank  –  Bethania, NC

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Experience analyzing accounting principles, tax returns, and business and personal financial statements Job Expectations * Ability to work additional hours as needed Street Address ID-Boise: 3….
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18329952R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: tmp_sf_wellsfargo_perengo_cpcf4fc5b73f4fc5b73-5538184
Posted 3 days ago

Administrative Assistant

Workforce Unlimited  –  High Point, NC

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Monday – Friday 8am-5pm Pay will range between $11-$12/hr. -Looking for the following: -Professional -Go Getter -Focused and fast learner -Good customer service -Able to work in a fast paced…
Application URL: http://www.maxoutreach.com/job/B18337120R74661?src=email
Job Req ID: ziprecruiter_backfill-e036c688
Posted today


SO-IN Forsyth

SO-IN Forsyth

SO-IN Forsyth

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