Youth Worx provides educational support, soft skills training, and post-secondary education preparation for teens over the course of their 10th and 11th grade academic years. Scholars will be paid a monthly stipend in return for their participation in the program.

For more information, please contact:

Sheryl Ragland, Director of Education

email: [email protected]

cell: 917-921-3927

office: 336-717-1223

See what we’re up to this year!

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Kha’nya

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Kha’nya ✏️📓 Youth Worx has helped me to focus and have a different mindset. I was very shy and didn’t like to talk to anyone but this program has helped me to blossom. Sometimes I surprise myself now. In school, I rarely spoke or participate in...

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Nakaijah

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Nakaijah ✏️📓 Youth Worx has impacted my life by teaching me life skills. I did not like to talk much or socialize with other people. I can honestly say, it has helped me to communicate better with my peers and adults. Another skill it has taught...

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Carlson

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Carlson ✏️📓 Youth Worx has impacted my life by providing a safe place for me to come and express myself. It allows me to participate in team building exercises and financial workshops. I enjoyed when we went to wake Forest to see Daymond John,...

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Kharean

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Kharean ✏️📓 Youth Worx has impacted me so much. They help me with my school work and improving my social skills. We have fun and also get work experience. They teach us how to be more responsible and accountable. I really like that we het paid,...

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Makenzie

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Makenzie ✏️📓 The Urban League’s Youth Worx program has greatly impacted my life. It has allowed me to think differently about my future. They take time with each student and teach about things like working hard, career choices and the college...

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Ariana

YOUTH WORX Spotlight: Ariana ✏️📓 I enjoy going to the Youth Worx program because it allows me to experience something different and get educational help. I have been able to overcome tough situations. It has inspired me to be a better person in school and out of...

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