We want you…to run campaigns

Always wondered how political campaigns work? Volunteered on a few campaigns, but know that you can do more? Or are you a campaign vet that’s ready to hone your skills and insure your ability to compete with the best and brightest? Well…this training is for you. Apply now!


About the BLUE Institute:

In 2015 a small team launched BLUE Institute to bring more young people of color to the leadership of progressive campaigns. Diversifying campaign staff to reflect constituencies is critical for winning new voting blocs. Across the South and Southwest, candidates and their campaigns have begun to realize the need to populate their operations with those who reflect the broad spectrum of diversity. Recent results show the value of investing in people of color in the campaign staff structure – but this investment must be broad-based and deep. Yet, too often, campaign staff of color are under-represented, under-paid and under-trained.

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