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Standing with Charlotte

Standing with Charlotte

Charlotte is more than an hour away, but their challenges could become ours in seconds. We must all stand with Charlotte during this difficult time.

I urge our partners to follow the work of the Urban League of the Central Carolinas as they provide steady leadership in Charlotte during this difficult time.

It would be a nightmare to see Winston-Salem violently divided, police against residents and government against citizens. I dare not imagine protesters marching down 4th Street seeking basic dignity and respect clashing with police obligated to establish order. We all hope to avoid that nightmare by implementing the right policies on the front end.

Just like Charlotte, for Winston-Salem, the burning issue is how do we insure that our policing entities treat all people with respect and dignity free from bias. We have struggled with this and many other questions in our first and second Black & Blue Town Halls.  Our advantage over Charlotte, Baton Rouge, Ferguson and so many other communities is that we still have time to make sure we get it right. That said, time is always of the essence.

We will announce the details of the third town hall shortly. At that event, we will resume the difficult work of community building. I look forward to seeing you there.

Until then, we must remain united and vigilant. Lives depend on it.

Standing with Charlotte,

James Perry

President and CEO
Winston-Salem Urban League