Sergio Heredia, Davidson/Davie County Manager

Success Story | While seeking employment, Sergio would often visit the local Job Center in his area. During one of his visits, he noticed a SCSEP flyer and inquired about the program. He enrolled in hopes of getting assistance needed to help satisfy his employment goals and objectives.

At the time of enrollment, Sergio found himself struggling to identify adequate employment. He was faced with multiple barriers that prevented him from sustaining a thriving lifestyle and the ability to compete in today’s job market. Homelessness, physical disabilities, and former incarceration all added to his challenges and plagued him of finding gainful employment and living the life he once knew. Sergio found that SCSEP helped to provide him some financial stability while he trained in new fields of employment, as well as offered him the preparation he needed to meet employer expectations. He was introduced to trending interview techniques, resume development, and other job readiness skills; therefore providing him the hope he was lacking in his life at that time.

Since being enrolled in SCSEP, Sergio has obtained an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and improved him computer literacy and interpersonal skills. He has gained new work experience as a Case Manager and has maintained and improved his knowledge of managerial skills by overseeing other job seekers enrolled in SCSEP, while also managing major components of SCSEP operations. Coming into this knowledge, he said that he has developed a greater empathy for the struggles older Americans face when transitioning to a different working/personal environment.

Sergio stated, “One of the most rewarding accomplishments for me has been my expanded awareness of non-profit organizations in my community and how they assist older workers and local residents to close barriers in their day to day living situations. My favorite part of being enrolled in SCSEP is having had opportunities to meet with local leaders and individuals who make differences and implement positive impact in our communities and save the lives of others. SCSEP has empowered me to restore belief in myself and has given me the confidence I needed to know that I can still make valuable contributions to my community and the fortitude to complete the tasks set before me. Being able to serve in the role of County Manager, I feel my greatest contribution back to the program has been imparting other people like me with hope and making them feel more confident about meeting their professional and personal goals.”

When asked if he would recommend SCSEP to others, Sergio’s reply was, “I would highly recommend SCSEP to others since I have witnessed firsthand how this program assists with employment struggles that older workers face, along with helping them to close barriers associated with their social and other essential needs.”

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