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Meet the Summer Youth Employment Team!

Kendra Callwood, Kismet Loftin-Bell, Joy Nelson-Thomas and Ashley Green

This year, the Summer Youth Employment Program is off to an amazing start! In large part, it is due to our team. You have to meet them.

First up is Kendra Callwood. Kendra is an Americorp Vista staffer by way of Wake Forest University. Kendra is a brilliant computer programer who can whip any computer program into shape. Contact her at

Next is Kismet Loftin-Bell. Kismet is Co-Director of this year’s program. But if her face is familiar, it is because she is a long time member of the W-S Urban League Family. She has served in the Young Professionals, and on the W-S Urban League Board and was Assistant Director of last year’s program. She teaches at local colleges, has led local nonprofits and consults small businesses.  Contact her at

Our other Co-Director is Joy Nelson-Thomas. Joy is founder and Executive Director of Lead Girls of NC. Lead Girls of NC is one of our FAVORITE partners! So when Joy agreed to help the Summer Youth Employment Program, we knew it would be an amazing partnership. Contact her at

And last but far from least is Ashley Green. Ashley is a senior at Wake Forest University. She is particularly interested in supporting women and girls of color. She comes to us through their Summer Non-Profit Immersion Program in the Pro Humanitate Institute. Ashely has an unmatched talent for research.  Contact her at

As you can see, this is a talented team…the teens in this year’s program are in for a treat!