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Hired on the Spot!

Catherine Talbert was enrolled in SCSEP on May 2, 2017. She had a solid work history as an Administrative Assistant with over 30 years experience. After retirement she assumed responsibility of caring for her elderly mother. However, she found that it was difficult to manage on her fixed income. She heard about SCSEP and felt that the program would help her make the connections to get a part-time job. Upon an assessment of her work history and skills sets her Individualized Employment Plan focused on job search training to identify potential employers. Ms. Talbert updated her resume and continued to submit electronic applications. She soon landed an interview with Forsyth Assistant Living. The HR manager was so impressed with Ms. Talbert that she hired her on the spot. She is excited about the opportunity to work in an environment with elderly adults and provide professional customer service. Ms. Talbert is now gainfully employed in a position that she enjoys and is able to earn wages to supplement her income and manage her day-to-day expenses.