1. Sign the Color of Change petition calling for the withdrawal of HB 519. Click here to sign-up!
  2. Email Representatives Lambeth and Conrad and tell them you oppose HB519. Click here to email Rep. LambethClick here to email Rep. Conrad.
  3. Attend our Colors of Crisis Forum on Monday, April 8, 2019 at 7 pm at First Baptist Church located at 700 Highland Ave. Click here to RSVP.
  4. Submit a letter to the editor of the Winston-Salem Journal and the Winston-Salem Chronicle. Click here for the Journal letter to the editor page. Click here for the Chronicle letter to the editor page.

Sign the HB 519 Petition

Want to learn more about HB519? Here are a few helpful links:

  1. A copy of HB519
  2. The Winston-Salem Journal’s 3/29/19 article about HB 519
  3. The Joint NAACP/Urban League news release calling for withdrawal of HB519.
  4. The Winston-Salem Journal’s 4/2/19 article about HB 519
  5. The WFDD 88.5 4/3/19 radio report on HB519
  6. The Winston-Salem Chronicle’s 4/4/19 article about HB 519.

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