An AIDS free Forsyth County?

An AIDS free Forsyth County?

Through a partnership with Forsyth County, the Winston-Salem Urban League is combating the spread of HIV and AIDS everyday. Every Tuesday, the POSSE (Prevent Ongoing Spread of STIs Everywhere) program provides free sexually transmitted infection testing and education from the Winston-Salem Urban League downtown office.

Every year, more than 4,000 residents are tested.

In 2015, only 1,462 residents had HIV. There were only 55 new HIV diagnoses that year. The number of new diagnoses was so low that it is plausible to completely eliminate the spread of the virus in our community. We simply need more education, more condom use and more testing.

The Forsyth County/Urban League POSSE Program hires ex-offenders to provide outreach and education to people in communities that are most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and other STIs. Help us do more by donating today. All donations provided through Monday will go exclusively to support the POSSE Program.

– James Perry

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