A Vigil for Charlottesville

Working with the Young Democrats of Forsyth County and the Young Professional Republicansof Forsyth County, the Winston-Salem Urban League Young Professionals led a visual in support civil rights advocates in Charlottesville, Virginia. YP President, April Johnson and 1st Vice-President, Kenneth Pettigrew are quoted below.

“We are just in a bolder era these days when it comes to people speaking out about their hatred of people of color, of sex and gender, of religion,” April Johnson said. “For those people, the president seems to be saying to them it’s OK to release their hatred, rather than depress it, when he doesn’t come out and denounce it.”

The antidote, Pettigrew said,”is to have a real sense of one’s humanity so that you can no longer be numb to the concerns of others. To me, it represents the loss of the image of God in ourselves.”

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