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148 Resumes in 2 Days!

Our goal was huge but straightforward. Turn 148 teenagers into the most impressive job candidates that employers had ever seen. We jumped into action.

Step one: each teen must write  a resume. All 148 teens in the Summer Youth Employment Program met up at the Forsyth Tech, Mazie Woodruff Center. Our amazing staff got to work. They gave a quick overview on how to use the computer lab and explained how to create a basic resume.

Joy Nelson-Thomas led the charge. She explained, “a resume is a one page description of your accomplishments.” Kismet Loftin-Bell, her Co-Director followed up, “that’s right, this is how you follow up the good impression that you make in an interview. You can make sure your future boss remembers your story.”

The teens got to work. They added contact information, career goals and education, work experience, awards and accolades. They were excited to tell their story. One teen exclaimed, “oh, I know I’m getting hired, this resume is perfect!”

As things began to close out, Kendra Callwood reminded the teens, “proofreading is a must…even the slightest mistake is enough to keep you out of a job opportunity.”

In a mere two days, the teens had risen to the challenge. They had written 148 error free resumes!

Next step: how to interview.