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Applications and Orientation

We were so excited to get started! Applications were due on Monday, June 26th, and up until that point, the SYEP staff were busy busy busy making sure everything was ready to go! Check out Ashely (left) and Kendra (right) prepping the paper work and keeping spreadsheets up to date. The application period was hectic for sure, but overall, we know it was worth it!

Orientation was a lot of fun as well, as we met the interns and their parents (and watched Kismet and Joy take countless selfies…). Orientation was a period of making sure that all the students knew what to expect when it came to the program as a whole, and that the parents knew that what we expected of them! And by that, we mean that we are training the interns to be job-ready adults!

In case you missed any of the information presented during orientation, or if you would just like to look over it again, you can view a powerpoint presentation of all of the information that Joy and Kismet presented here!

After final orientation session came to a close, we took a nice little America Holiday and continued to look forward to starting the training on July 5th, preparing the interns for their Career Fair on the 7th.

We hope you are as excited as we are!